6 Simple, Fast, and Low-Cost DIY Home Improvement Projects that You Can Do Over a Weekend

Home improvement and DIY projects can be quite fun. In recent years, many homeowners have taken up their hammers and nails and fixed up their homes themselves. This is, in many ways, a cheaper option than hiring someone. The type of improvement needed obviously also plays a role. Some things need to be left to the professionals.

Sometimes we feel like making a change, but we are unsure what to do. I have a few examples of home improvement projects. They can usually be done in a day or two. They are good for weekend projects.

Add storage space to your entrance hall

The entrance hall usually has heavy traffic. Often items are also left here until needed when you leave again. Add space by putting up a hook or using wicker baskets.

Add divisions in drawers

Use some small pieces of wood or even strong cardboard to create divisions in drawers. You can do this for kitchen drawers or even for appliances. Create a drawer for chargers, phones, iPods, and tablets. They stay out of the way while charging.

Change your taps

Go buy some new fixtures for your taps. This will add some elegance and make it look like a brand-new bathroom. Make sure the fixtures fit with your existing plumbing.

Change your backyard into an escape

Without digging holes and laying tiles, you can transform your backyard. Clean a space and throw down some flagstone. Add some plants, fairy lights, and outdoor furniture. You will have a nice escape and beautiful backyard in a jiffy.

Change a wall color

Paint a wall a different color or get some new wall paper. Simply changing the look of one wall in a room, can make a huge difference. Today there is also the option of pop-out wall art. You can create a whole story or family tree with wall stickers.

Ceiling fan

Add a ceiling fan to a room that is always too hot. It can be done in a day and by nightfall, you will be relaxing in a new, cool room.

These should keep you busy for a while. For more ideas, come back soon!